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Delivering Quality Service - Course Dates: October 14, 2019 to November 29, 2019 - Orientation Begins October 7, 2019

Online Course through Managing Resources Group (MERG)
10/14/2019 - 11/29/2019

Orientation begins October 7, 2019 Course Dates: October 14, 2019-November 29, 2019


$255 Members / $275 Non-Members

Event Details

Delivering Quality Service to the Client and Employer- Fills in the gaps of knowledge and experience for your new employee.

Are you confident your rookies know: 

-Quality customer service? 

-Impeccable work habits? 

-Errors & omissions prevention procedures? 

This course fills in gaps of knowledge & experience for your new employee! 

How It Works In our “virtual classroom,” your employees log on to the course via the computer each week to get the training they need. There’s no travel, no interruption to daily agency activity and, most importantly, no time out of the office. Your new hire can connect with other rookies, bounce questions off the facilitator, and learn about critical service and communication skills in manageable pieces in the comfort of their home or office! 

Students will learn how to… 

•develop relationships through active listening 

•take ownership of the customer’s problem, 

•speak positively in negative situations, 

•help confused or irate customers, 

•clarify expectations and confirm work plans, 

•minimize E&O risk through proper documentation and consistently following standard procedures in the agency

 •explore the workflows within the agency’s system to create a “big picture” understanding of the tasks assigned.

Student Activity in a MERG Course

#1. Read a chapter and/or an e-lecture.

#2. Perform at least one activity in the week, using the agency as a “learning lab”.  The activities send you into the agency as a proactive learner, observing procedures and asking questions.

#3. Post your observations about the activity.

#4. Participate in a discussion question weekly with classmates and the facilitator.

#5.  Take occasional quizzes & a final exam.

Time to complete the course:  3 hrs weekly max. 

Time on-line:  Less than 1 hr weekly.

Work can be completed off-line, then pasted in on-line.

Additional Information
Event Contact:
Amy Boys
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